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Maths Challenge Term 2

Each Term a new Math’s challenge will be available on our website. This is an opportunity for you to explore different areas of Maths with your child at home. For each challenge, there will be a rough guide of how the activities can be adapted for years R, 1 and 2. Hopefully the instructions should be clear, however, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our Maths leader, Mrs Bryant.

If possible please send in photo’s of your child completing these challenges or any other evidence that they create. We will be making a celebration folder of the children’s Maths achievements, which will be kept in the foyer of our school.

Most importantly have fun!

Useful Maths documents

Maths Vocabulary

Key Instant Recall Facts

0 to 10 Number Line

 0 to 20 Number Line 

0 to 30 Number Line 

100 square      

100 square odd and even

2D and 3D Shapes